Learning with Harold

There are very good reasons Life Education is our preferred charity for this event

Life Education and its iconic mascot Harold the Giraffe have been delivering health and well-being lessons to children aged 5-13 in New Zealand for over 30 years. The family favourite and kiwi icon continues to make positive difference to our communities.

80% of New Zealand children take part in Life Education at their school in their formative years. 

There is plenty of public debate around the health and wellbeing of children, especially in South Auckland. The problems seem overwhelming, so what can we do?

Support the services who have the skills and abilities to reach and teach our kids. Life Education has a positive track record and some impressive stats. The mobile classroom, Harold and the educator provides a unique point of difference that children really look forward to.

We want to help them reach as many kids as possible – especially the schools that can’t afford it.

In a competitive environment, Life Educations biggest challenge is to share their story to our wider community and potential supporters. 

Mobile Classroom_RGB (1).jpg

Forever keeping up with the times, Life Education has collaborated with:

  1. "Empower" a joint venture with Garden to Table. This is a comprehensive and sustainable programme to help tackle child obesity through teaching about balanced diets, meal planning and understanding their body's nutrient needs in the Life Education classroom. Garden to table then turns this into action by growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables in the school grounds with the students, that are then made into delicious and nutritious lunches which the students share.

  2. "Dove Self-Esteem Confident Me" project - This has been designed for girls and boys aged 11 to 14 to help build their body confidence and to help avoid valuing themselves and others on the basis of appearance. Life Education has been asked to support teachers in delivering these workshops.